Three years previously a organization of 13 engineering teams developing OLED technology were proudly forecasting that in three years, as in now, OLEDs would be everywhere.
And as far as soothsaying goes they were quite close to the mark. Perhaps ‘everywhere’ would not be exactly the correct term, but it certainly is emerging in a reliable fashion.
Speaking of fashion; one of the predictions made by our noble scientists was that the Polymer based OLEDs first created in Japan would soon be found on T-shirts! It’s true, just search for LumaLive.
If I recall, it was way back in ’06 territory when Phillips first revealed their new fabric. And, they’re a year late! Phillips’ new LumaLive brand are expected to be entering the marketplace in all ways possible by 2011…probably. But we can’t really hold that against them.

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Yet my real quandary is, who is going to buy these expensive pieces of kit? In my estimation.. just a handful of people. Already there are back-lit t-shirts available for $ 20 a pop, and in all my travels I have seen precisely zero dressing the bodies of Joe public. To be fair they are hardly as innovative as their OLED sisters, the most popular being the equalizer design, and still they stay in the same league as pink-rimmed Lennon glasses or sparkly cowboy hats. And the best reason I can come up with is that they just bring too many inquiring gazes.
Now, I can see them getting popular amongst ravers. In fact there’s a decent chance quite a few youth subcultures with will accept themwith open arms, with all their ambient glimmer. But it’ll likely finish there.
So much doom and gloom, but I can forecast one potential avenue of mainstream integration. . Women in evening dresses, hi-so lasses at , party-girls at good old discotheques. To be honest, if you look at the way people dress for the vast majority of their lives, one thing becomes abundantly clear: men prefer to stay more low key with their look.
And I’m aware that I’m straying in the territory of hideous degrees of generalisation, but women do seem to have less of an issue with dressing up in heavily sequined, rhinestoned, shiny glittery dainty frilly bits of fabric.
We’re all exposed to that with some regularity

If the lasses are going to get involved in this new tech though, there is going to need to be some concentrated marketing going on by Phillips, and whoever is using their OLED fabric.

 I’m a lonely shirt merchant, just looking for solace in my facts and figures”!

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