Your college acceptance letter has long since arrived, you’ve written your thank you cards for your high school graduation gifts, and now you are relaxing before preparations for college life. Being organized will help you from becoming overwhelmed and it just takes a few ‘To-Do Lists’ to be ready to move into your dorm come August.

First do not panic. Worry will not help you. You need a plan and a college life tips to-do list will give you just that. Start with the essentials and build from there. If you are heading for a dorm, start at the beginning.

Got Roommate?

Perhaps you have experienced sharing your bathroom with siblings, or maybe this is the first time you have shared a living space with someone. Roommates can be one of the biggest challenges of college experience and it can be one of the most rewarding.

Start by getting your roommate’s contact information. Check with your college if they haven’t already provided this information. Then, begin with Facebook or My space. See what basic information you can derive from these sources. Next step, pick up your cell and give them a call. Remember: have empathy. Put yourself in their shoes. You are both nervous and excited. Use these common feelings to connect. Ask questions. You know what type of living style you are comfortable with. Ask your roommate what their vision for your dorm room is? How much time do they expect to spend keeping it looking like that? Ask questions which will lead your roommate into revealing expectations. You are looking for as much balance as each of you can find. College life can be stressful. You might want to find out if your roommate finds partying an outlet for stress. You might be an early bird and your roommate a night owl. Knowing these personality traits prior to sharing your space will help each of you to build strategies to better live with one another. Take notes, you probably won’t solve all these issues in a single phone call, so check-in and schedule more calls. You will certainly come up with more questions, which you can address in your next call.

Got Stuff?

Now is a good time to evaluate what you really need to take to college. If you have visited your college, you’ll be that far ahead of the game. If not, check with your college on dorm restrictions. Many will not allow microwaves and fridges. However, some do. If so, the costs for these high-ticket items requires discussion with your roommate-add it to your next roommate-phone-call list.

You will need clothes, study items, your computer, a phone, bedding, storage items, toiletries, personal items, entertainment, work-out gear, some basic utensils to sustain yourself, and some personal extras [depending upon space available in your dorm].

Then, weed through your stuff. No I mean really weed through your stuff. Do you really need to hang-on to your first-grade macaroni art piece? Or can you take digital images of your masterpieces and get rid of the originals? Talk to your parents and determine what you will take, what you will leave behind, and how you will get all your stuff to college.

Got Transport?

You aren’t going to beam yourself to college so, it’s going to be: plane, train or automobile. How you get to college will factor in how you prepare for the move. Some items might be better purchased when you get to college. Share your packing list with your roommate so you don’t double-up and still have all bases covered. Then, think realistically how you will get all the college-bound-stuff there. If you are diving, how much space do you really have? If you are shipping your stuff, how will you do this? What company will you use? What timeframe are you following, so your stuff will arrive when you do?

Got Panic Again?

Do not worry. Getting all these preparations in order is easy when you check out college life tips and use the free check-off list for easy college life organization.

Mary Wiseman has a passion to assist her clients in establishing organizing systems, so they remain focused on their life desires. She possesses a charming array of fresh ideas, uses tried and true steps to simplify those sometimes overwhelming goals and an unlimited supply of contagious enthusiasm.