Mallorca is the capital of Palma, an island situated in the Balearic Islands. The island has had inhabitants ever since antiquity. There are still traces – burial chambers from the Paleolithic period that can be visited today. The island was even inhabited by the Romans around 120 BC; it is in this period that Mallorca blossomed. Salt mining, olive cultivation and even viticulture, have all led to what Mallorca is today. In 426 the island was occupied by the Vandals who were followed by the Byzantine Empire in 534. It is under the Byzantine Empire that monasteries and churches were built; many of them can be visited by today’s tourists. It was in 707 that the Muslims took control over the island, which explains the original and unique architectural heritage of Mallorca. Starting with the 1950s, the island’s aspect was changed because of the masses of tourists that came to visit it. The heritage was highlighted and Mallorca became an interesting and charming attraction for tourists.

What can one visit in Mallorca?

Besides the fact that Mallorca is an island with long coasts, delicate beaches and warm sun, the prehistoric settlements are an important attraction. Capocorb Vell, Novetiforme Alemany, Ses Paisses, Ses Talaises de Can Jordi, Sa Canova de Morell or Necropoli de Son Real host vestiges as old as the island. The landscapes in Mallorca are also worth seeing. If you go to the northwest, the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range dominates the landscape. Here, the pine forests and the olive groves, together with the small, coquette villages give a very special air of uniqueness and beauty to the surroundings that is highly appreciated by tourists.


The 250 miles of golden coasts that enjoy over three hundred days of sunshine every year are cobwebbed with hotels and villas that try to lure tourists. Of course it is wonderful to stay in a luxurious hotel, but the special atmosphere of the island is lost once you enter one. Tourists can choose from a wide range of villas that keep the tradition intact. Villa can Pax is a traditional villa situated in Polensa, built of traditional Majorcan stone. This lovely property has a pool of its own and extensive grounds covered with lush gardens, as well as spectacular views of the mountains. It is not the only villa in the region; there are thousands of them, and each has something special to offer, something that nourishes the soul and pleases the eye.

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